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Community Kitchen Garden

Hopewell Garden

Do you love gardening or want to learn more about it?

Hopewell Church has three gardens that

you might like to be involved!

Contact the church office at 770-306-7537!

Ways to be involved

Fresh Vegetables

Grow your own vegetables

  • There are beds available for you to grow your own vegetables and herbs.

  • Tools are available in the green shed to help you plant and there are tomato cages behind the shed.

  • No need to water, the well will do it for you daily. Also it's completely fenced, so no worry about deer or critters tasting your plants.

School Garden

Volunteer opportunities

  • Replace or add new plants.

  • Replace monofilament when necessary.

  • Pull weeds in the Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens.

  • Sand and vanish the Golden Garden sign.

Organic Garden

Join the Garden Committee

Be a part of the Hopewell Garden team and help us continue

the mission to the community

and environment!

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