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History of Hopewell

Hopewell United Methodist Church's history reaches far back to March 9th, 1849, when a group of citizens from Fayette & Coweta Counties met and decided to build an academy/meetinghouse; this was the gathering place for the small community and the building became known as "The Hopewell Academy/Meetinghouse."

Tradition says the first services of Hopewell Church were conducted in a brush arbor. By 1854, a church building was constructed next to the academy/meetinghouse thus Hopewell Methodist Protestant Church had its own church; then by 1939, renamed to Hopewell Methodist Church. With a new church building constructed on the same property by 1948 and the growing community of faith, Hopewell was able to become a station church by the pastor to the community.  

The growth of Hopewell and Tyrone go hand in hand. From the first telephones in the community, to the beginnings of what would be Tyrone Elementary, members of this church have worked to be good citizens in this community and the current development of downtown Tyrone. 


Hopewell did not take on the name of Hopewell United Methodist Church until 1968 with the official formation of the United Methodist Church. As the church grew, Hopewell UMC moved to its current location on Jenkins Road in 1994. We are excited that our old church building is now the Tyrone Museum.  

Hopewell Church
Tyrone Museum
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